Relief Homes

We are developing a prototype for post-disaster housing called Relief Homes.
This is a step forward in the way cities respond to area devastated by a catastrophic natural or manmade disaster.
Our Relief Homes system will be built out of used shipping containers. Each container will transformed  utilizing the latest construction technology in conjunction with stringent requirements for safety, sustainability, durability, and universal design. Each unit features a living room, kitchen, bathroom and appropriate storage space. Recyclable materials are used wherever possible, including cork floors, while sustainable features include integrated solar shading, thick insulation and the potential to add photovoltaic panels. 
This housing would not replace immediate emergency shelters in places like hotels or school auditoriums, but it would come after, as a more permanent solution for displaced families. The units will come in multiple configurations up to three stories tall, configured as two-bedroom  one- bedroom or studio units). The units are also wheelchair-friendly (ADA Accessible)
Aside from the basics of providing shelter after a disaster, the prototype is innovative because it allows residents to remain within their communities instead of being displaced for months, or even years," he explained.
"'Shelter in place' allows residents to maintain their support networks – their friends and their families. Keeping neighborhoods intact is crucial for successful rebuilding.